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About Me


Hi! I am Sakshi. I am dedicated to helping people-in-tech find methods to manage their well-being and transform them into healthier selves. After graduating with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, I worked for leading companies like TI and Apple, where I loved my work. However, I gave more than 100% to both work and family. As a result, I experienced cycles of intense hard work, burnout, and Autoimmune health issues.

Hence, I dived deeper into understanding health and well-being and rebuilt my health. Because I worked in Silicon Valley for years together, I am mindful of the challenges that people in tech can face in taking care of their health. Now, I find purpose in guiding them to thrive professionally but at no cost to their well-being. 

Sakshi Arora Health Coach

I have been coaching people-in-tech for 2.5 years now and have seen them thrive, grow, and plan for their well-being. I help participants achieve their wellness goals by using positive, evidence-based change techniques to motivate and encourage them.

I am a National Board-Certified Health Coach and offer science-backed information to the people I coach and use evidence-based coaching techniques to support the participants in my programs form healthy habits, despite busy routines.

Why Smell the Mint Leaves?

There was a time when I would work really hard – too hard, round the clock – to ever pluck and smell the mint leaves in our backyard! Hence the name. So, if you are someone who feels too busy to relish life, Smell the Mint Leaves can be of help to you. If you are a busy parent, Smell the Mint Leaves may feel like home to you. 

At Smell the Mint Leaves, I plan to learn, develop and share tips to take care of our wellness – both physical and emotional. 

Also, I’d like to hear from you – how you manage and take charge of your health! Please say Hi on Facebook or Instagram.


‘Thrive’ Group Coaching Program – Details

1-hour Weekly Group Meetings

1-hour weekly meetings over the weekend where all the participants meet on Zoom. We start with a short stretching or meditation session, followed by a presentation on a wellness topic, and ending with a discussion of experiences by the participants.

Diverse Wellness Topics

Wellness Vision, Sleep, Mindfulness, Move, Stress Management, Nutrition, Brain Health, Compassionate Communication for conflict handling, Inflammation, Decision Fatigue, Imposter Syndrome and gut health. All topics flow in a well-knit curriculum

Group Discussions

Every week, we have one or two prompts on wellness where all participants discuss their challenges, wins and more. The energy and the learnings from each other catalyze the change process!

3-Week Customized Challenges

2 3-week challenges form a part of the program: Exercise and Stress-Closing. By the end of the challenge, participants identify the tools and techniques that work for them. Everyone has different goals but the accountability to the group benefits all.

Individual Wellness Goals

Individual, customizable trackers which are enabled every week after the discussion are assigned in the ‘Nudge’ app. The participants choose the factors they’d like to track – therefore, although in a group, all participants have different goals and routes.

Extended 6-month community access

After the program ends, an extended 6-month access to community. Optional accountability to the group to help participants sustain the habits they had formed or continue the process of planning and forming habits.

Ready to prioritize your Wellness?

Sign up for a discovery call and let’s explore if the program is a fit. I’d be more than happy to partner with you to reach your wellness goals.


What People Are Saying

"Sakshi’s wellness course has changed the way I think about myself and my family’s wellness. She has done so much research on various wellness topics and is amazing at presenting you with a distilled and *actionable* summary. With her help, I have established daily habits that stick — and what’s more...

, these good habits have spread to my family members. I am so happy to say that now, with Sakshi’s guidance under my belt, I am no longer procrastinating on taking care of my wellness.”

Azadeh Moini, Engineering Manager, Apple Inc. 

"Having transitioned to a new job during the pandemic with a 3 year old daughter without child care, I was totally burnt out. I was very close to quitting my job but I am so glad I ran into Sakshi at the right time. Her sessions are life changing, I love this version of me. It is easy to advise a stressed out person ...
to exercise, meditate, eat healthy, etc. but it is hard to actually implement them and even harder to make these things a habit. Sakshi’s sessions helped me with that, helped me take charge of my health and life – I don’t feel burnt out anymore. I have formed a lot of mini (and also some major) habits that have brought me to this place, and the best part is I’m influencing my family too. Her science backed approach to habit forming, and minimalist content during the sessions  did it for me. This is the best investment you can make for your physical and mental health.”
Ashvini Ayyasamy, Software Engineer, Microsoft
"When I joined Sakshi’s wellness program, I was burnt out at work, sleeping consistently at 2 am. And with a toddler around I was feeling drained out. I knew I had to change my lifestyle as I had been there before and had quit as I couldn’t handle the pressure. This time around I knew I was getting there but didn’t want to quit as I was truly enjoying my job. I had seen Sakshi’s posts and I was able to resonate with her ideas. ...
I knew she wasn’t a coach who forced you to a strict regime. That was the last thing I wanted as I could easily get overwhelmed.
We had an introductory call and over the next 6 months I honestly didn’t think I would have developed some lifelong habits without fretting about it. I sleep now around 10 ish every day, stretch and walk almost everyday. How did this happen ? In each of our 1:1 and group sessions Sakshi has highlighted the scientific benefits of each habit, while equally emphasizing the benefits of achieving professional goals.
Her sessions made me realize that the time I spend in a walk or stretch or reading a book are ‘time multipliers’ vs my belief that I was in a time crunch and had way too many things on my plate.
Well, this did not happen overnight and I was so specific that I didn’t want to follow a strict regimen and end up breaking it fast. Sakshi had the same vision. We worked together as a team, made baby steps and without me realizing I had developed these habits. Now even if I want to, I hate to login in the night to catch up work.
I love this new me 🙂 thanks to Sakshi !! Over this journey we have also become accountability partners 🙂 
Rekha Somasundram, Software Engineer, Wells Fargo

"This course has been a journey of transformation for me. It has made me feel empowered and equipped to achieve my wellness goals that include physical fitness, calm and a happier state of mind. Typically occupational wellness is neglected in the journey of achieving one's...
wellness goals but in this course it forms a critical pillar among other pillars including physical, mental, social, nutritional and emotional wellness. This makes it a holistic approach in the wellness journey. The course made me realise that my impostor syndrome and inability to say no are hugely contributing to my work stress and hence overall well being. I got tools and techniques that helped me to acknowledge and take action to alleviate the stress, while forming a stress closing routine. And the best part is the realization that I was not alone. Each member of the tribe brought in a unique perspective that helped me learn from their experiences and share success and failures. I am immensely grateful to Sakshi for designing a curriculum rooted in Science and using a non-intrusive and non-prescriptive coaching style.
Nidhi Narang, Product Manager, IQVIA

"Sakshi has been an amazing coach for me. She is the first one who helped me understand all pillars of wellness and helped me craft a well thought out plan for wellness. Her biggest strength is deep research and ability to articulate that research in simple actionable plan personalized to her client. I thoroughly enjoyed her sessions and rely deeply ....

on her insights and guidance for my wellness.”

Debapriya Basu, Principal PM lead, Microsoft

" I was fortunate to participate in Sakshi’s 12 week wellness coaching program (for women in transition) through my employer. Overall, I highly recommend this program for other tech employees (especially women) in the Bay area. Frankly, about 70% of ...

the content would apply to employees of any gender especially in a career/personal transition. Topics like imposter syndrome, stress management, closing the stress cycle, nutrition, and physical fitness are gender agnostic and applicable to most employees.

Similar to one of the concepts presented in the class, I found it to be a “time multiplier”. I was overall more efficient/productive than I would have been and so got a good return on my time and effort investment. Also, the assignments were effective in reinforcing the concepts rather than feeling like an overhead. Even on my busiest days, by week 3 of the program, I would look forward to the group and 1:1 sessions.

For me the highlight of the class was the section on Stress management – closing the stress cycle. The realization that I could “actively” close my stress and discovering the tools that worked for me was empowering. We all recognize that being stressed is not good, I just always assumed that it was inevitable in our jobs or required balancing with rest/vacations etc. I expect that the tools I learned and practiced in this course, will (with regular practice) be effective in both short-term and long-term stress management.

Sakshi’s data-based approach of answering the why something was important before telling us the what/how to fix it was very effective in getting us invested in the proposed solutions. The 1:1 sessions were truly tailored to meet our needs and help us as individuals overcome the roadblocks we were facing. Sakshi also did a great job of resonating themes with the audience with examples that were relevant to us. I also liked how she set up the exercise and stress-closing challenges to grow in scope but still be manageable over the course of the challenge.

What I loved most about this class is that I came out with specific lifestyle habits/tools that work for me to live a healthier life and most importantly mitigate and manage my stress better. I truly believe I am bringing a better version of myself to my family and work as a result of what I have learned in this class.”

Kirti Ahmad, Engineering Manager, Apple Inc. 

"Sakshi is an amazing wellness coach, she is understanding and patient yet keeps you accountable. I participated in her 12 week wellness course and learned valuable life skills that have truly helped me in both my professional and personal life...

She personalized and tweaked my wellness plan each week to provide me with the best results and she truly cares about my life and overall health. **Ask her to guide you through a breathing exercise and/or meditation, she’s amazing at it and has such a soothing voice/demeanor.**

Amanda Simon, 

Executive Assistant at Apple

"Sakshi’s group program helped me to inculcate exercise,meditation, massage, journaling,healthy diet as part of everyday routine. It also helped with closing stress cycle and better sleep. Another area that her program emphasizes is about tackling imposter syndrome and how it can help bring the stress levels down and improve the overall well-being. ...

The app which includes members is a place to share your exercise/well being tasks done for the day . It makes you accountable and also helps to get ideas from others as well. What stands out in Sakshi’s program is that she goes above and beyond to make sure we get the concepts. I had missed few sessions and she did make up sessions as she thought it was necessary for my wellness.  Overall, I highly recommend her program which is backed by science,  helps form habits and make health as a hobby”

Kavitha Rapolu, Senior Design Engineer, Texas Instruments

" Sakshi is a highly recommended wellness coach given her own challenges and wins on her own wellness. She is very passionate on helping and inspiring others. I was skeptical at first when I participated on the program because a lot of information is already on the web. Sakshi's approach changed all that. ...

Program is well structured and the topics are presented with scientific background and tied to how it applies on our day to day practices. Her strategy on having sit down topics and incorporating activities (ie challenges, pantry audit, etc) was really good.

She covered overall wellness as opposed to just targeting weight loss etc. She touched on exercise,mediataion, sugar, neurotoxins (which I’ve never heard before), sleep, relationship with food, work life balance, self care and many more random things that participants ask her about. Very much willing to spend time researching more to support the needs of the group. Towards the end the group became a tribe supporting each other’s back on wellness with Sakshi as our glue c,”). Attending her program have improved not just my overall wellness but the family as well.”

Margaret Salvado, Engineering Manager, Apple Inc. 

"I signed up for Sakshi's 12 week wellness program. It was insightful about sleep, time management, imposter syndrome, brain health , nutrition, stress closing cycle, non-violent communication and again sleep. The programme helped me to prioritise exercise, how posting back to community tribe helped me sustain the habit. Also emphasised the importance of closing stress cycle , and helped in maintaining sound sleep. Journaling is such a beautiful habit ...

I started I can’t thank enough about. Looking forward for more interactive and extensive practice of NVC and to keep going on the wellness vision and planner.”

SaiSowmya, Dev, RealPage Inc.

"I participated in a wellness program with a focus on transitional women, life or career, hosted by Sakshi. She structured the program to have a one-hour weekly class with a small group of women and a 30-minute 1:1 session for 12 weeks. She introduced wellness concepts, from nutrition balance to neurotoxic food and from meditation to setting one priority....

, all of which are essential and interconnected. Sakshi cited scientific research and evidence in discussions. As an engineer, I found it especially convincing and intrigued. Sakshi’s generosity in sharing her own experience and her genuine personality were the keys to connect me quickly. I was always full of tears and laughters in our 1:1’s when we discussed personal wellness goals. Sakshi committed to be our cheerleader in the first class and she did a phenomenal job in keeping this promise.”

Chia-Fang Chiang, Engineering Manager, Apple Inc. 

"The benefits I got out of Sakshi's wellness program: 1) it helped me to focus and improved efficiency during work through one priority 2) It educated me on brain health and how to clean brain fog and have a clear mind through good sleep and ...

relevant nutritions 3) It educates me on the stress impacts and how to improve the relationship with it by closing the stress cycle through meditation, exercise, quality family time, ME time and whatever works for me.

In general, I am a big fan of health and wellness. As I’m already doing a lot of healthy living practices, e.g. exercise and healthy eating, this program resonates a lot on me. To me, what’s most useful is the systematic education on the scientific knowledge of health facts (for example, nutritions) and the awareness of wellness issues (for example, I wasn’t aware that stress was my root cause of bloating but rather thought I ate too much.) I also like doing the challenges in the program, where I also surprisingly found the impact of sugar on me. With all those knowledge, I’m more mindful to go with a healthy lifestyle, for myself and my family.”

Shang Wang, Engineering Manager, Apple Inc. 


‘Thrive’ Program- How is it unique?


Wellness is approached holistically. Topics range from exercise to communication to Imposter syndrome.

Healthy Habit Building

Focus is on Habit formation and sustenance and not short-term gains

Honor Deadlines

Extremely mindful of deadlines and work ethic. All participants in the program value work a lot!


Science-backed, clutter-free information shared in group sessions

Relatable Background

Coach from Tech background herself -makes the approach and the information relatable.

Customized Tracking

Customized Tracking for individuals via the ‘Nudge’ App

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