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Prepare these three easy and healthy dips, which are finger-licking delicious! All these dips are Vegan and Gluten-Free. I’ve also included a grocery list if you are planning to make them all and store.

Why prepare these Easy Healthy Dips?

Dips are nothing less than magical on the plate. “Why?” you ask? The answer is twofold. They pack flavors and health in one. These dips’ recipes, which I have discussed in this post, all use lemon juice, thereby boosting immunity, and garlic, which is anti-inflammatory.  

You may already know, or as discussed in the posts below, these dips are rich in Vitamins and Minerals. If we prepare them over the weekend, adding a spoonful during meals is like adding supplements and flavor!

Also, during those busy weeknights, one can use these dips as salad dressings!

Bonus: They are all Vegan and Gluten Free!

How to store these dips?

Refrigerate them in a glass container and they last well for four-five days. I use these meal-prep containers which work well for this purpose! You may want to try storing other 10 meal-prep ingredients which make cooking weeknight meals simpler!

Download Grocery List and all the Dips’ Recipes – PDF

2. Beets and Garlic Dip/Chutney

This Beets and Garlic Dip by-far my favorite recipe and I came up with after discussion with my mom. It will not disappoint you and is a very healthy dip to enjoy with chips, meals or salads. I roast Beets which takes the flavor up a notch. Please give it a try!

3. Homemade Salsa

Salsa is another dip that one can easily prepare at home, customize per one’s taste and pass the store-bought one. Please give this recipe a try! 


3 Easy and Healthy Dips: Watch Recipe Video 

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