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11 Healthy snacks to make and store during the weekend. A few of them can be refrigerated and rest can be stored in a cool place.

Healthy Snacks to Make and Store

We cut down store-bought snacks a while ago, and the journey wasn’t easy. Well, I’m not speaking about craving those chips, biscuits and more. I am speaking about the effort and time required to make them every single day. I love freshly made snacks, or food but making everything from scratch everyday can lead to strain and overwhelm.

A simple hack is to either plan quick healthy snacks or weekly making the snacks which can be stored. We already prepare meal-prep ingredients (not the whole meals,) over the weekend which helps a great deal but preparing just a few snacks can go a long way to ease out our routines. In another post, I had discussed low-carb snacks, which one can make, not necessarily store well.

Therefore in this post is about the snacks one can store. I usually prepare and store 5-8 snacks from this list and cannot emphasize enough how beneficial it has turned out to be. Let’s dive right in. 




How to store the snacks well

For dry snacks, please store them in air-tight containers, in a cool and dry place. You may also store them in a refrigerator. Also, please prefer storing them in glass or steel containers. That is one of the healthy kitchen habits which I had discussed in this post.  


For other snacks, please refrigerate them, and try to have them within 2-3 days of making them. If you choose to freeze them they may last longer. 

Healthy Snacks to Make and Store

1. Spicy Nuts, Seeds and Poha 


Spicy Roasted Poha with Nuts and Seeds


Spicy Roasted Nuts, Seeds and Poha is a healthy and delicious snack that is gluten-free and can be prepared in no time. Please store it in a cool and dry place, preferably in air-tight containers. 


2. Oats, Ragi and Coriander Panjiri 

Oats, Ragi and Coriander Panjiri

Oats, Ragi, and Coriander Panjiri is a healthy snack, dessert or breakfast option! It is packed with nuts, seeds, and is gluten-free. Please store it in a cool and dry place, in air-tight containers. 



3. Peanut-Stuffed Dates Lemon Coconut Bites

Peanut stuffed dates, lemon and coconut bites

Peanut stuffed dates bites are sweet and have a little crunch from peanuts. The mix of dates, lemon and coconut is such a great flavor, healthy and perfect for sweet cravings. Please refrigerate these bites to last for 3-4 days.

 4. Spicy Roasted Makhanas/Foxnuts

Makhana Snack STML_2020

Dry Roast Makhanas/Foxnuts in a pan on stove top until they get a crunchy texture.  You may also roast them in Ghee/Oil, add turmeric, dried mint powder, dried fenugreek leaves (methi powder). Store them in an air-tight container and enjoy for a week! Please store it in a cool and dry place, in air-tight containers.

 5. Roasted & Ground Flax Seeds

Flax Seed Powder


Besides the known protein and fiber, flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids in a vegetarian diet. Read the article on Omega-3 fatty acids here. We roast and grind them and store them in a cool place to last for 3-4 days. Eat them with carrots and hummus or smoothies for a healthy snack.


 6. Broccoli Paneer Bites in Air-fryer

Broccoli Paneer Bites

These Broccoli and Paneer (Indian cottage chese) bites are the most tried recipe on my blog and actually a friend of mine gave the idea of refrigerating them to last for 3-4 days. Have them as a snack or add them to a gravy to make a ‘kofta curry.’ It is a perfect low-carb, gluten free snack!  You may also make them in the form of patties to make a quick sandwich.


 7. Roasted Peanuts

Peanuts STML 2020


Put raw peanuts all in the air-fryer basket and turn it on at 350degF for 15-20 minutes until done. You may also make them in a pan on the stovetop and dry roast them, stirring in between until done. Store them in an air-tight container in a cool place and try to consume within 4-5 days. 


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8. Hummus


Easy Hummus Recipe Image

Easy hummus recipe – extremely delicious! Pair it up with absolutely anything and store it for a healthy snack option. Please refrigerate the hummus to last for 4-5days.


9. Kala-chana Hummus

Kala Chana Hummus

This Kala Chana Hummus is a spicy take on classic hummus. Flavored with Indian spices and made with black chickpeas, it is a must-try! Please refrigerate the hummus to last for 4-5days.

 10. Lauki-Paneer Patties

Lauki and Paneer Patties


Lauki and Paneer Patties (Bottlegourd and Paneer) is a healthy, low-carb, gluten-free snack, which one may stuff in a sandwich or have as a snack.

 11. Carrot Halwa/Gajar Halwa

Carrot Halva STML 2020


This is an easy snack to prepare and is a traditional dessert in India. If there is someone in the home with a sweet tooth, this is an excellent snack to prepare and store. Only note, we prefer to have sweets in the morning when the metabolism is good.

To make, in a pan, on a stove-top on low flame, add 1 tbsp of ghee, when hot, 2 cups of shredded carrots, and roast for 5 minutes. Now add 11/2 cup of milk and stir. Let the pan on low flame and roast. When the milk evaporates, add 1/2 a cup of jaggery powder (to taste), crushed cardamom (or cardamom powder), 1/2 a cup in all of the roasted cashew nuts, almonds, and raisins (optional).