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Prepare this Minced Broccoli-Ginger mix during the weekend and use it to make these four dishes on weekdays/weeknights. We can refrigerate this mix and keep this list handy to create these Healthy, Delicious, and Indian-Spiced Broccoli dishes.

How to Prepare the Minced Broccoli-Ginger Mix?

Grate a medium-head Broccoli (7 ounces/ ~200g) and an inch of ginger to form a minced mix. Chop into broccoli florets, and use a blender to prepare the minced mix. If you are making it for the week, please add 1 tbsp of lemon juice to preserve this mix well. Store it in a glass container. I use these glass containers to store the meal-prep ingredients. 


How do Meal-Prep Ingredients help?


Meal-Prep Ingredients can be prepared over the weekend and can be used to create a host of dishes during weeknights. The food is still fresh because the last piece of bringing the dish together is before the meal. In this post, I’ve shared four recipes that can be made using the Minced Broccoli-ginger mix. For other meal-prep ingredients and meal ideas, please refer to my “10 vegetarian ingredients for meal-prep” post.


Why is Minced Broccoli-Ginger Mix a great Meal-Prep Ingredient?

(a) Broccoli is known to be a healthy vegetable, and more research adds on to its benefits – Ranging from being cruciferous, thereby fighting cancer, to being rich in Folate, Vitamin C & K, and Fiber.

(b) When most of us think about Broccoli, the first thing that comes to mind is its slightly bitter taste. This minced Broccoli-ginger mix tastes excellent in dishes and makes it easier to start consuming Broccoli. 

(c) This Broccoli Ginger mix can be stored during the weekend and customized into many dishes.

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4 Recipes using the Minced Broccoli-Ginger Mix

Minced Broccoli is also called Broccoli Rice and acts as a low-carb replacement for rice. However, none of the recipes in this post use Broccoli as a rice-replacement. All the four recipes below use the Minced Broccoli-Ginger Mix as a primary ingredient – Healthy and Delicious!

1. Broccoli Parantha (Indian Broccoli Flatbread)

Stuff Minced Broccoli-ginger mix into the circles made of dough and roll into a healthy Broccoli Parantha. Shallow Fry with minimum oil in a pan. Broccoli Parantha is a healthy breakfast with a great balance of Carbohydrates in whole-wheat flour dough and Fiber, Vitamin C in Broccoli. Serve hot with yogurt, pickle or butter. 

2. Rice and Broccoli Pulao/Pilaf

Rice and Broccoli Pulao/Pilaf is not only for good health, but also has a great flavor due to Broccoli and Indian spices. It is effortless to prepare and tastes divine with that bowl of yogurt. 

This Rice and Broccoli Pilaf is very easy to prepare; again using the broccoli-ginger mix that we make over the weekend. It tastes divine with that bowl of yogurt. I’ve used a few whole spices for this recipe – please find the post with a PDF and video below.

3. Air-fryer Broccoli-Paneer Bites

A perfect healthy snack, these Broccoli-Paneer bites are very easy to prepare. I’ve used air-fryer to make these bites. Paneer is the Indian name for cottage cheese, and it is a good source of Calcium and Protein. These bites are low in carbohydrates and are Gluten-free. Please find the post with a recipe video link and PDF here. 

4. Vegetarian Keema Broccoli Peas

Prepare this mouth-watering dish by stir-frying Minced Broccoli and Ginger Mix. Perfect for busy weeknights, it is quick to make, delicious and very healthy. Keema means Minced meat, and we use this minced Broccoli-ginger mix to create a healthy vegetarian version. It is ready in less than 30 minutes and flavored with Indian spices. You can have it with Roti, the Indian Flatbread. I’ve shared the recipe, including the PDF here. 

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