Blogging Resources

Blogging Resources

Tools, Videography and more

Download a one-page PDF with a list of tools I use. From video editing, to email service, webpage design and more. 


Pre-schooler Activity Sheets

Download 9 activity sheets easy to make at home and customize – keep these little-ones busy! 

Pre-schooler Activity Sheets
Berries Everyday health food image


10 Healthy foods to eat every day

Identifying Healthy Foods to Eat Every day helps to eat healthy more comfortable- especially in the busy times that we are living in. Read on to dive into a strategy to start small and introduce ten simple and healthy foods to eat every day.


Healthy Foods to Eat everyday - Planner and Tracker

Prepare these ingredients over the weekend and use them to create a host of dishes during busy weeknights. These vegetarian meal-prep ingredients require a little planning over the weekend but make healthy-eating at home not-so-elusive!   

Vegetarian Meal Prep Ingredients


From the link select your favorite book for wellness and enter below for giveaway. 

    Books for wellbeing