Diwali Workbook for Kids (Preschoolers)

Download this Diwali Workbook to engage the preschoolers (Please check your email after clicking download below.)

    Pre-schooler Activity Sheets


    eBook: 50+ activities for kids at home!

    Download ebook with Playful, Screen-free, Engaging and Fun- keep these little-ones busy! 

    Pre-schooler Activity Sheets
    Blogging Resources

    Blogging Resources

    Tools, Videography and more

    Download a one-page PDF with a list of tools I use. From video editing, to email service, webpage design and more. 

    Berries Everyday health food image


    10 Healthy foods to eat every day

    Identifying Healthy Foods to Eat Every day helps to eat healthy more comfortable- especially in the busy times that we are living in. Read on to dive into a strategy to start small and introduce ten simple and healthy foods to eat every day.


    Healthy Foods to Eat everyday - Planner and Tracker

    Prepare these ingredients over the weekend and use them to create a host of dishes during busy weeknights. These vegetarian meal-prep ingredients require a little planning over the weekend but make healthy-eating at home not-so-elusive!   

    Vegetarian Meal Prep Ingredients