In this post, I will share three myths about working hard, especially for women who are balancing their home, life, work, and health.

myths about working hard

It is about time that we reconsider working hard at the cost of our healths. If you are healthy, you can be much better at work. So then why exhaust your superpower- your health?

In this post, I will share three myths about working hard, especially for women with children working hard and balancing their home, life, work, and health. As a result, they might find it very difficult to concentrate on their health. 

As for me, I love working hard, but there is a fine line between enjoying your work and paying the penalty in terms of your health. So that fine line is something of which I try to be very mindful.

Working in corporate jobs, towards my Ph.D., and talking with friends in similar positions, I have zeroed in on three prevalent myths about working hard. In this post, I will share them with you below. Would you please let me know what you think about these?

1. We can overwork for a few days and rest later

I have been there myself and seen people do that. Working hard and sleepless nights may be our answer for an approaching project deadline. And our mental relief might be an anticipated vacation as soon as the project is delivered. Although this slogging-followed-by-vacation idea might sound fancy, our body’s rest doesn’t work like that.

Sleep isn’t just a passive state; it is essential for our wellness- Studies show that even a lack of Sleep of 2 nights can come at the cost of our health. If you are interested to know more, I would recommend this mind-blowing book, “Why we sleep.”

Lastly, adequate rest is also needed to have better memory and be productive [ article].


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2. We can therefore we must

  “You can, therefore you must.” – this myth was busted to me by a mentor from my workplace. He mentioned that sometimes we are too sincere to sign up for everything we believe is in our area of know-how.

That could be a trap that results in spreading us too thin. The second repercussion could be that we lose sight of priority. So let’s be mindful when we take up any task. Ownership can have diminishing returns!



3. If we say ‘No’ to a project we may come across as Lazy


Due to either conditioning or comparing ourselves to others or self-doubt or inability to say a ‘no,’ we might get to burnout.

Learning the skill to say ‘no’ to work, assignments, and projects might take time for a few of us. Many of us think that if we say no to a project, we may appear to be evading work. However, if we prioritize well, saying no can have a rationale behind it in our heads, and that’s what we then communicate. Over time, we and people at large will gradually respect us for being honest and prioritizing work.


Please take care of yourself and work as hard as your mind and body allow. Rest and Sleep will not deter you from achieving what you want. If at all, they will charge you for being a better self. if you face stress with work or a chronic ailment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can help you in a group+1:1 setting to rebuild your health. It isn’t hard! All you need is discipline, support and encouragement, decluttering the information around, and accountability. New Program is beginning in early 2022 – DM me or click the link here to know more: Coaching Page!