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This post discusses five ways a health coach can help you. I hope it gives you insights into how a good health coach can be helpful to manage your health with your busy routines.

Health Coach

3 years ago, when I was looking to heal my autoimmune diseases and burnout, I wasn’t sure who I should ask for help, apart from my doctor. (Read: About me). Although I will always be grateful to my doctor for giving me a diagnosis, I didn’t want to be on medication throughout my life.

It has been almost two years of having healed myself, becoming a master-certified health coach, and coaching people-in-tech for their wellness journey. In retrospect, I wish I knew about health coaches then. 

I’d strongly recommend that you hire one with whom you resonate if you feel strained and not your best of health. Depending upon what your health goals are a 1:1 setting or a group setting might work for you. Here, I share five ways a health coach can help you in a 1:1 setting. I hope it gives you insights into how a good health coach can be helpful.

1. Share Science-Backed Information with you

With a load of information on wellness available today, a health coach should provide, navigate and simplify the information for you. Fortunately, decluttering the information is half the job of making healthy choices.  If a health coach is not familiar or expert at a topic, she would research, explore and streamline the information for you. 

The idea is to reduce the overwhelm and make healthy choices easier with your busy routines.  

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2. Partner to Understand the Bottlenecks of your Goals

In a 1:1 setting, a health coach doesn’t come with a rigid plan on wellness topics. Instead, she is your partner in your wellness journey. Therefore, she should spend time understanding your background, your concerns, and goals regarding your wellness. 

If and once you hire a health coach, she should work to understand your goals, agendas and explore them with you. As an example, I have had my clients not very clear about what their health goal is – they are just exhausted and want to prevent burnout. Therefore, I work with them to map the agenda and ask open ended questions so that they can introspect and draft their goals. And all this while keeping the meetings short and succinct.


3. Make your Health Goals Smaller, Achievable, and Accountable

While honoring your autonomy, a health coach should work with you to identify your priority about your health goals. 

Then, help break those goals into small, achievable goals and set up an accountability method. With my clients, I try to assess their readiness for the goal and have them rate it to understand their confidence and modify the plans accordingly. 

With health by your side, gradually, you will be able to make space in your schedule. Then, you can build on healthy habits.

4. Have a Compassionate Communication for Transformation

Health coaching is not about writing prescriptions for a problem. The client is not broken, and the coach is not fixing her. Long-lasting changes in holistic health come from within the client herself. Therefore, all the conversations should be non-judgemental and compassionate.

The process of transformation stays collaborative in a 1:1 setting. Compassionate communication also helps you feel less exhausted, unwind better and gain clarity.

5. Motivate and Encourage You 

A health coach identifies your strengths and reflects them at you. The open-ended questions which the coach asks will help you introspect and look at your strengths. Then, to bring about any positive change, the coach uses affirmations, planning, and positive reflections that can help keep you motivated and bring the transformation you desire. 

Take care and please reach out for help if you are in tech and find yourself spread too thin and seeing signs of health slipping due to overwork.

About me: I am a certified Health coach and help people-in-tech to manage health with busy, stressful schedules. My coaching page with testimonials is here: