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Addressing inhibitions to work with a health coach – these can keep one from reaching for help. Trying to address 3 of them in this post.

4 Communication mistakes that can get in the way of your health as a busy professional, especially in an industry where cross-functional interactions are more frequent and conflicts are likely.


Despite burnout and autoimmune disorders, I didn’t seek a health coach’s support 4 years ago. In hindsight, a coach could have provided valuable support. Now that I am a Board-Certified health coach, I want to address those concerns for you. So, if you also need clarification about how health coaching can support YOU, read on …

Before we dive into the concerns, a note:
I speak only for the health coaches certified through the board (NBHWC) and trained in evidence-based coaching techniques and science for lifestyle management of chronic ailments.

1. “I am Too Busy!”


Inhibition: “I am too busy to follow a health plan; I will feel guilty if I can’t comply.”

Fact: Health coaches don’t ‘give’ you a plan – they support you in creating your own plans. They ask open-ended questions so that you set specific and realistic goals for yourself.

2. “You don’t know me!”

Inhibition: “How can someone who barely knows me advise me?”

Fact: Health coaches believe that you are an expert in yourself, so at no point do they put themselves on a pedestal. However, you get a partner to declutter the science, affirm, and give you a menu of options. You will see a coach as your partner in forming habits, not a boss.

3. “Too pricey?”

Inhibition: “What if the coaching fee is too high!”

Fact: As for the fee, please ask – it might not be high for you, and the value health coaches bring usually outweighs the amount charged. There are likely waivers available if you ask for them.

Have you ever had these or other concerns about seeking support from a health coach?

I’d love to address your concerns and partner with you if you seek support to build healthy habits. Our new group wellness program starts June 3rd!

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