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If you are seeing a gradually growing disinterest in work, one or more of the following reasons might be the cause.

Health Coach

If you are becoming indifferent towards your work, it could be an issue that is more than you think. It may not be just about finding the right fit for your skillset or finding a job about which you feel passionate. More often than not, it could be about your mental and physical wellbeing. 


1. Compromised Sleep

You might be overworking and compromising sleep – this can lead to brain fog and not making rational, clear choices. So, if you are not getting a sound 6-8 hours of sleep, please prioritize it and develop a healthy mind routine. 

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2. Nutritionally Deficient

You might have a nutrient deficiency or increased inflammation in the body – leading to lethargy and reduced cognition. If that be the case, please see your Primary physician ASAP. You may consider getting checked for HBA1c, Cholesterol, Inflammation, iron levels, Hemoglobin, or more per your doctor’s recommendation. 

3. Uninformed Colleagues

You might have colleagues who might not be aware of your challenges and unknowingly put pressure on you to deliver. Therefore, learning to say a graceful ‘No’ to projects/tasks goes a long way. Falling into the trap of coming across as ‘nice’ might be a setback here. 

4. Unappealing Projects or Tasks

Either the project itself might be disorganized, or you might not be putting across your challenges. If you sense a lack of clarity for the goals and deliverables, please communicate before you get into the cycle of slogging. 

5. The Expert Trap

You might have taken a leadership role and still expect yourself to be getting into the depth of every problem. In other words, delegation might be a challenge for you as yet. Please communicate with management and practice delegation

6. Lack of Exercise

You may be missing an exercise routine. Exercise releases happy hormones endorphins that can keep you going and help you gain clarity. You may start with an exercise routine that is not lofty and is achievable.

7. Unappealing Projects or Tasks

You might not prioritize your tasks and not feel accomplished at the end of the day. If you think that is the case for you, please set small and achievable goals for yourself. That will release Dopamine, another happy hormone, and help you thrive.

8. No acknowledgment for your work

If you feel you are not being acknowledged, please communicate well and state your need clearly. You don’t have to be rude, but clarity in expressing your feelings and needs will help you and your team. 

In a nutshell, please consider prioritizing your wellbeing. It will help you find clarity in mind, and navigating your work will be easy. Comment below or send me a note about how you prioritize your health. If you need help to own your health, I’d be more than happy to help. Please send me a message for a discovery call – I have 1:1 and group programs where I help people-in-tech manage their health with their busy routines.

About me: I am a certified Health coach and help people-in-tech manage health with busy, stressful schedules. My coaching page with testimonials is here:

If you face stress with work or a chronic ailment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can help you in a group+1:1 setting to rebuild your health. It isn’t hard! All you need is discipline, support and encouragement, decluttering the information around, and accountability.

Here is my coaching page with testimonials – find out how my program can help you.

Take care and please reach out for help if you are a woman-in-tech finding yourself spread too thin and seeing signs of health slipping due to overwork.