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5 ways to keep active despite sudden meetings, deadlines, or unforeseen situations.

Avoid Excessive Multitasking

Yes, there are exercise guidelines – how much exercise we ‘should’ be doing every week. We all must be doing strength training, cardio, yoga, and meditation. However, we might not always be able to do them. And that’s okay. The guilt of not exercising is worse than not exercising – and it can keep us stuck. Therefore, once we accept that it is is okay to not exercise as planned, we give ourselves the permission to exercise/move as much as we can. Surprisingly, once we let go of the guilt of not exercising, our relationship with exercising might improve and the resistance may go down. 

Why can Exercising be Challenging?

Exercising with busy routines is a challenge that almost all of us face. And to that, the answer is manifold. The first one is that all of us are different so, comparisons are needless.

Please remember that we are all meant to stay active without that guilt.

If you find it difficult to form an exercise routine due to your busy routine, and if you constantly find yourself stuck regardless of your health awareness, please reach out for help. The following 5 pointers might help you. 

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1. Backup Exercises

Have a ‘short’ backup exercise routine written up- it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It is good to have a detailed exercise plan or going to the gym, having a yoga mat, weights, etc. However, doing ‘all or nothing exercises’ might make us disappointed. Therefore, having a small routine which we may go to during our busy days can help us keep our confidence high. 

2. Anytime-Anywhere Exercises

Practice a few exercises you can do anytime, anywhere – right at your work desk, e.g., Squats, desk pushups, and more. If you are working from home, this might be an achievable target. And the duration doesn’t have to be an hour – a few minutes is good enough to unblock us and staying active. On busy days, I usually take breaks every hour for a walk or strength-building exercises – as an added advantage, it can uplift one’s mood. 

3. Avoid ‘Guilt’

Please don’t be hard on yourself if you miss your exercise goals. The ‘guilt’ of not exercising can increase the resistance towards it. Once you give yourself the permission to occasionally miss your actions, discipline regarding exercising might come in. 

4. Accountability

Have an accountability partner(s) for your exercise commitment. Camaraderie works like a charm for maintaining healthy habits. 

5. Hire a Trainer

Accountability to a coach/trainer might keep you going on your busy days. This is one investment which might help you significantly to be well despite the challenges at work/life in general. 

Parting Thoughts:  

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