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In this post, I will discuss 3 W’s that may not be obvious to you regarding their impact on beating anxiety

In this post, I will discuss 3 W's that may not be obvious to you regarding their impact on beating anxiety.

If you are ‘sincere’ with your work, the chances are that you have felt anxious before important meetings. “Would it go well?” “What if I disappoint others?” “What if they figure out that I don’t know much?” “What if I make a fool of myself?

Many of the above questions might cross your mind. And it is normal to have them. How do you address them or manage them? Change in mindset, exercising, mindfulness, and deep breathing exercises can calm one down, and I have discussed these techniques in many previous posts.

1. Water

Dehydration can cause anxiety and brain fog. Therefore, keeping a big bottle of water on your work desk can be a small change that can help you stay calm. You may choose to infuse it with lemon/herbs if that works better for you. If you have multiple work desks, I would go too far and recommend putting one bottle per desk – but to each her own! 

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2. White-out

White-out is a term used for removing white flour and white sugar from our diet. Reason? They have known inflammatories and can add to anxiety. So, please try removing them from your diet for a few weeks and see how it works for you. I usually recommend people I work with to keep a food log and log flare-ups, mood, anxiety, and food. It will help you see and establish any food-mood correlation.

Please consider letting go of the whites from your diet if you do find any connection – it will help you keep calm.


3. Walks

Working on your workstation and not getting up may be commonplace for people in tech. And finding time to exercise might not be easy. So, stepping out for just 5-10 minutes can be calming and make you more productive and might inspire you to make time to exercise

So, if you feel anxious at work, please try the above and let me know how it goes for you!

Please take care of yourself and work as hard as your mind and body allow. If you face stress with work or a chronic ailment, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can help you in a group+1:1 setting to rebuild your health. It isn’t hard! All you need is discipline, support and encouragement, decluttering the information around, and accountability. New Program is beginning in early 2022 – DM me or click the link here to know more: Coaching Page!

About meI am a certified Health coach and help people-in-tech manage health with busy, stressful schedules. Please reach out if you find it difficult to manage health with work. My coaching page with testimonials is here.

If you are finding yourself spread too thin to manage your health, DM ‘THRIVE’ to know about how my wellness programs can help you manage your health with work. I’d be more than happy to work with you step-by-step on forming healthy habits for your mental and physical health.